How to Get a Graduate Job (at Lighthouse Learning)

Our Top Five Tips for Graduate Job Seekers and Future Lighthousers!

Rosie and kids play testing at Lighthouse HQ


If you’re looking for a good entry level or graduate job, it all begins with a strong job application. At Lighthouse Learning, we’re always hiring so we love to hear from people who share our values and have a genuine interest in what we do. To help set you on the path to career joy, we’ve put together our top five tips for graduate job seekers and future Lighthousers…



Always begin by identifying jobs that might make you happy. What do you need from a job in order to be happy and fulfilled? It’s surprising how many people don’t know the answer to this.



Research the company, people and products to find out if you are genuinely interested and excited. If you love what they’re doing, let it show. Our website and social media channels are full of juicy info.



Always tailor your application for the role and company. If you send out the same generic letter to ten companies, you’re missing an opportunity to a) connect with someone personally and b) provide the most relevant information.



It’s ok if your career goal is just to ‘be happy’ or ‘work in digital’. You don’t need to have a solid 5 year plan all figured out. It’s better to be the real you; if you make something up, it will only sound clichéd!



Qualifications are great but for many graduate and entry level roles, a good employer will be more interested in your potential. Help them see underlying qualities like your personality, work ethic and ability to learn.


Working At Lighthouse Learning

Lighthouse Learning Director Alex says:

film-projector  “An awesome job means doing something that gives you a sense of purpose. I love working in edtech because we make great learning accessible for more kids. For our Sales Manager Manny, it’s about creating an environment where people are happy and naturally productive. Collaborating on interesting problems is what motivates our Developer Chris. At Lighthouse Learning we have several entry level and graduate employees who are building fulfilling and successful long-term careers in edtech development and sales.”


As a Brighton tech company, our success relies on employing and developing the fantastic local talent in Brighton’s graduate, digital and creative communities. Right now we’re actively hiring for entry level sales roles. Other roles we regularly hire for include Developers, Artists, Producers, Marketing Execs and Interns. If you’re interested in working at Lighthouse Learning, contact us at


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