New Key Stage 2 Fractions Activities

Understanding fractions is one of the four critical areas defined in the Key Stage 2 curriculum and a maths skill that many children struggle with.

With this in mind, the content team at Lumio has been busy creating new fun interactive online activities that we are sure will be invaluable in your classroom.

Our fractions activities consist of three sub-topics:



fractions1 Shape Models invites pupils to practice creating and labelling numerators and denominators by dragging number tiles or clicking shape models.
In Number Lines pupils are introduced to fractions on a number line, including fractions greater than and equal to one. Pupils interact with the three number line players by using a slider and drag / dropping tiles to create fractions before filling in numerators and denominators. fractions2
fractions3 The Comparing & Equivalent activities enable pupils to practice creating equivalent fractions and comparing fractions: first with the same denominator and then with the same numerator.


Scaffolded Learning

As pupils work through each activity, they receive scaffolded support from interactive number lines and shape models.

Deeper Understanding

All the activities are game-like and interactive so pupils are engaged and have fun as they drag tiles, slide on a number line, and click shape models while they practice the key fraction concepts defined by CCSS. The activities use representations (shape models and number lines) to help pupils make the transition to more abstract concepts, such as the meaning of the numerator or denominator.  Many practice problems are open-ended, so pupils can apply these mathematical concepts to find a correct answer in more than one way.

Learning Panels

The highly effective Lumio Learning Panels are available on each screen of every player to address common misconceptions and to provide instruction in small, easy to remember segments.

Hints & Tips

Optional hints are also present on every screen to provide additional support and to address common errors.

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