Lumio Case Study – Carol McLaughlin

Finding the right apps for your classroom can be a daunting task. We asked teachers to share their feedback about Lumio apps to help give you an insight on what it’s like to use our apps in the classroom. Carol McLaughlin, a 2nd Grade Teacher at Greystone Elementary, has been using Lumio Dragon Shapes, Treasure Sums and Llama Drama with her students…



“I discovered Dragon Shapes last year with my Grade 2 students and what I loved most was walking around the classroom hearing their strategies at work while they were doing the geometry challenges.

“My kids also loved Treasure Sums! You can tell from the photos (see below) that they were enjoying the math puzzles. It went perfectly with what they were learning that week in math. We have been working on starting from one number and then finding the missing part to a larger number.  30 + ___ = 100 so the activities in Treasure Sums was great practice. Plus it had the problem solving bonus so they had to think of more than one number at a time which I loved.

“I also tried out Llama Drama. It is amazing! Lumio does great apps and really keeps the kids engaged. Plus my students have no idea how much math they are doing!  WIN WIN!”
carols class

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