Lumio is Coming to Bett 2016!

For the last few months, we’ve been even busier than usual here at Lumio as we prepare for Bett 2016, which starts on the 20th January. This is the first time we’ve exhibited at Bett, and it’s an extremely exciting opportunity for us to show just what Lumio can do and how proud we are of our product in a hands on, face to face environment.


Bett is a fantastic areimagena for new and established names in education technology to meet with service users, education professionals and other edtech developers. It’s perfect for learning, sharing and discovering, and we can’t wait to get there!


Lumio is aimed at Primary school children so with the design of each new adventure, character and puzzle, our developers work hard to bring out their inner child (which involves occasional usage of the dressing up box in the development room!), in order to create a fun world where children can learn curriculum-aligned maths in an interactive and engaging way. It’s essential that this aspect of our work is proudly evident at Bett, and so our team have created Lumio’s very own bright and colourful Airship – an eye catching way to guide visitors to our stall.


Straight from the off we knew we had something special. The preliminary designs were by Ben Hooley (left) and Lucy Irving, (right). Lucy then combined the designs, and the airship started to take shape.



Our Director, Alex, and Lucy actually built the structure at Lucy’s home – she had to live with a giant cut out airship in her living room for a while!



The next step was to get Lucy’s illustration printed by our fabulous printer, Jason at Elephant Print and Display, who was great to work with and really enthusiastic about the project.


20151210_142354 IMG_4546


Now that it’s all put together and complete, we are extremely pleased with the results. The ship is really eye catching – she even has a row of functioning lights along the top of her bulwark to literally light up our stall. She’s a veritable Fantasy Flying Ship!

image 2


If you’re going to be visiting Bett, please do pop by our stall where you can experience Lumio for yourself! You could take advantage of a free trial, get a demo of the Lumio resource from our school support team and take advantage of discounted show prices.


Of course, we’ll be easily recognisable by way of the Airship, but we can also be approached as we move around the event – just look out for the purple hoodies!



The Airship actually belongs to our intrepid explorer Grandparents – Nana and Papi –  who are new characters joining the Lumio family in the next few weeks. We’ll be letting you in on the design process and introducing the characters to you soon – so look out for our next blog!



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