NEW Decimals Activities Designed for the Common Core State Standards

We are excited to announce we have added even more activities to our decimals topic which has been designed for the Common Core classroom. The Standards require decimals to be learned by students in the 4th grade and our new activities will be the perfect tool to engage your class in their learning.

“Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100. For example, rewrite 0.62 as 62/100; describe a length as 0.62 meters; locate 0.62 on a number line diagram.”



Decimal Shapes (10ths and 100ths)

Using shape models, students make a connection between fractions and decimals. They learn that decimals can have digits in the tenths and hundredths places.

Decimal Lengths (10ths)

Students understand that decimals can be used to measure length and practice using a meter ruler.


Decimal Challenges (10ths and 100ths)

These challenges give the opportunity to practice new decimal skills through collecting lightning bolts. The challenges include placing fractions on a number line (10ths challenge) and converting fractions to decimals (100ths challenge).


Scaffolded Learning

As students work through each activity, they receive scaffolded support from interactive number lines and shape models.

Deeper Understanding

All the activities are game-like and interactive so students are engaged and have fun as they drag tiles, slide on a number line, and click shape models while they practice the key decimals concepts defined by CCSS.

Learning Panels

Our highly effective Lumio learning panels are available on each screen of every activity to address common misconceptions and to provide instruction in small, easy to remember segments.

Hints & Tips

Optional hints are also present on every screen to provide additional support and to address common errors.

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