New Resources – Equal Parts for 1st Grade

Equal Parts for 1st Grade Just Released in Lumio

Three new interactive resources are now available for 1st graders! The “Halves” learning pathway introduces the topic of partitioning circular and rectangular pieces of cloth into equal shares. Learners understand that the parts are only equal if they are the same size and that each equal part is called a half. Students are introduced to the word “halves” and the phrase “half of”. They understand that each half is an equal part of the whole.

The topic is practiced in “Handmade Halves!”, where students are asked to solve problems involving partitioning cloth into halves. Learners are exposed to a variety of methods in which these shapes can be partitioned, including horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Finally, in “Half and Half”, learners are asked to solve as many problems as they can in one minute!

As an extension, we will soon be releasing resources for partitioning fourths in 1st Grade.

Watch this space!


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