Treasure Sums Version 2 Now Live in the App Store


Treasure Sums version 2 is the latest release in our Lumio series of classroom math apps. When we first released Treasure Sums last year, teachers and parents downloaded it in their thousands. Soon it became one of the most popular Lumio apps in US schools, and with good reason: our expert team built it specially for Common Core classrooms. If you use Treasure Sums with your kids, you will love it even more because we just gave it a massive update.

Treasure Sums is designed to give kids a firm grasp of the underlying ideas in addition and subtraction. Like all the Lumio apps, it fully addresses Common Core requirements for a deep understanding of the concepts.

This extensive update features more puzzles, new learning modes, tricky challenges and tailored supports. Our favorite pirate-themed math app now makes supporting kids’ learning even more fun and effective.┬áThe new Learn, Play and Practice modes better support the full learning process, from introducing ideas to building fluency. After exploring the rich instructional materials, students can stretch their new skills and knowledge with engaging timed challenges.

Best of all, you can try the new Treasure Sums for free! The app comes in free and paid versions allowing teachers to access a sample (30% of the full app) before buying.

Available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in App Stores worldwide.

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