Your Essential Back to School Checklist


Don’t panic if the new school year has crept up on you… you’re not alone. We’ve heard from our many of our followers that some of you are starting to have sleepless nights about what needs doing before your students burst through your classroom doors at the end of the summer vacation.

This is where we can help! Our education experts have compiled an Essential Back to School Checklist. Take a look, and if you can recommend any more then send us a tweet @lumioeducation and we will add your suggestions.

1. Decide on your room plan.

Your room plan can be incredibly important for maximising learning. Ensure all learning tools are in easy-to-access places, clear all walkways, minimise clutter, set the lighting and temperature. It’s also vital to ensure your classroom has personality so add some colorful pictures to the walls and your classroom door.

2. Decorate your bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards are the perfect place for inspirational messages at the start of term, check out @lumioeducation for regular inspirational quotes from Lumio.

3. Get to know your students before class.

We recommend looking at your students past reports and speak to their previous teachers to get to know a little about each one before you start teaching them. It’s essential to start the new school year with an open mind however a little knowledge and preparation goes a long way!

4. Create student nametags.

Trying to remember the names of all your students may take some time, so create name badges to help prevent any embarrassing moments.

5. Decide on class rules.

It’s important to start as you mean to go on to avoid any confusion. We recommend having a clear idea of your class rules and to take the time to explain these to your students. A fantastic exercise at the start of the year is to encourage your students to contribute to your classroom rules to help them feel valued in their learning environment.

6. Organise an icebreaker activity.

Icebreakers are essential if you don’t know your students or if you have new students joining your class. There are lots of fun icebreakers such as asking your students to tell two truths about themselves and one lie and asking the rest of the class to vote on what they think the lie is – you will be amazed by some of the answers you’ll get!

7. Write a letter home.

Write a letter or email to your students’ parents/guardians. This is a fantastic way to start a positive relationship with them and it always helps to include them in their child’s learning.

8. Plan your lessons.

The first week of school year will go by in a flash. Make sure you have your lesson plans organised for the first week so that you can concentrate on teaching and getting to know your class.

9. Charge your technology.

You don’t want to be caught off guard with flat batteries. Make sure to check the day before you need your laptops, ipads or any other technology that they are ready to be used.

10. Research new educational technology available.

The start of the new school year will see many edtech companies offer free trials for their resources. This offers a great opportunity to start getting your students engaged in learning after a long summer vacation. Don’t miss out on our 21 day free trial – click here for more information.

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